Chapter 3.

Me, myself and I.



I thought that I was safe inside my house but my heart was pounding and I was sweating profusely. I noticed that I was starting to develop a headache. I tried to calm my nerves by going to the kitchen and taking a glass of water and then sat down on my sofa and tried to relax. As I was putting the glass to my lips, the corner of my eye caught something that seemed out of place, some black vapor or mist was entering beneath the door. I stopped drinking, got up and went to the door to examine this. I thought that perhaps there was a fire outside the house and that smoke from the fire was entering beneath my door. I was about to to investigate further when I saw this dark vapor suddenly emerge completely on the other side of my door and inside my house. At the same time there was this horrible stench that accompanied it, just like the first time. It then took a more physical shape and I recognized it as myself! It still had no recognizable features but I knew instinctively that it was me, or a part of who I was. I took a step back, stunned by this turn of events.

“Stop this game, why are you pursuing me?” I cried out. Still the shadow looked at me, or that is what I surmised as it had no eyes, only a black face with empty sockets were the eyes should have been.

The shadow had not responded but simply once again extended its arms towards me and then took hold of my left arm. I felt once again its icy touch. I tried to release myself from its grip but simply could not as it was holding me firmly in its grasp. It then raised its other hand to the side of my head and touched it. As soon as I was touched I felt lightheaded and fell on the floor still looking at the shadow but from this new vantage point. It was a strange perspective because it seemed to me that the shadow had a face now and that it was laughing at me. Or was it me, laughing at myself? It didn’t make sense. But I was so weak that I stayed on the floor, closed my eyes and lost consciousness.

When I awoke I was alone and still on the floor. I did not move right away as my eyes were simply scanning my surroundings, trying to see if I was truly alone or of there was another entity in the room with me. After a few seconds I realized that I was alone and that the shadow had left. I stood up slowly as I still felt a certain lightness in the head. I couldn’t explain this. It seemed that I was on the verge of fainting again.

I walked slowly towards my bedroom, still touching the walls as I was afraid that I would fall. I considered calling someone, anyone such as emergency services but in the end I decided not to. How could I explain? That a shadow was pursuing me and that it was my own shadow that had suddenly left me? I don’t think that I would be believed. No, it was better just to lie down on my bed for a few minutes and see if I could come back to my senses. My head was still spinning and I felt like vomiting.

I entered my bedroom and stopped immediately in my tracks as I could not believe my eyes; the shadow, my shadow, was lying on the bed. It was simply a vapor-like substance, with no feet and no arms but with a face. Still it was black and without eyes. It slowly turned its head towards me, lifted and pointed a bony finger at me and opened its mouth. And then it laughed! It was a hideous laugh, a mocking laugh. I suddenly was angry and mad. I lunged at the shadow on my bed but as I fell on it there was nothing, only my firm bed. It had disappeared so quickly that I knew not where it had gone.


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