Chapter 2.

Meat and Blood.

I should explain to you dear reader that up to that fateful day my life had been very ordinary, as ordinary as they come. I work in a meat plant where meat is processed and my job is to take the carcasses of animals and transform them into all sort of products, from beef patties to sausages. As a vegetarian my conscience is troubled by all the guts and blood that I see every day but a good wage is a good wage and I don’t want to starve. I’ve decided that for now, it was best to continue this dirty business.

When I awoke from my strange slumber I had slept for 8 hours and yet I felt tired and confused and not refreshed as I should have been. It was early Tuesday morning and I had to be working for 07:00 in the morning so I tried to fall back to sleep but simply could not. I got up and prepared myself a cup of coffee along with some bread. I decided that even if it was early and since I couldn’t sleep then I would make the most out of it, I would use these hours for reading and maybe use my computer.

I went on the Internet and surfed, like I usually do when I have too much time on my hands. I still felt strange, as if I was missing something, something deeply personal. I thought that I had simply slept too much and at the wrong time. I felt as if I had flown to some far away country and was now suffering from jet lag.

Around 06:30 it was time for me to go to work and I duly prepared myself as I usually do. I walked to the nearest bus stop and waited and waited for the bus. I was looking around me and examined my surroundings. The sun was beginning to rise and its rays were slowly flooding the area, making the night go away and leaving in its place glorious sunshine. Everywhere I looked details emerged from where my gaze chanced to settle on. And then it struck me; there was an area that was still in darkness, and it appeared to look like a man crouching on the grass. This was peculiar. Everywhere I could see clearly the details of the cars around me or the flowers and the grass near a house, but in that area darkness still reigned.

I left my bus stop as the bus still had not arrived and ventured on my right to see what the hell was going on. As I arrived at the area the shadow suddenly stood up. I took a step back and again looked at it. The shadow was of the same height as I and the same slight build. I extended a hand to touch it but it went straight through it. The shadow then extended its hand and touched my naked arm. It was cold, so very cold. I unconsciously took a step back and looked in horror as the shadow now extended its two arms towards me and advanced. It seemed to be walking but I could discern no feet. There was no noise except my somewhat rapid breathing that could be heard.

I looked around hoping to alert someone but it was very early in the morning and the city was still slumbering. I decided to run back home knowing that it was a safe place for me. I looked behind me and saw the shadow was still following me, but now it looked more like a vapor or a gas than a body. I felt my hair standing on end. I opened the door, got in and rapidly closed it behind me. I was afraid, afraid of this being that was pursuing me for no evident reason.



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