New book!

Well I hope that you liked the last book. This new book is slightly more spooky. It is the story of a man who suddenly sees one of his shadows seperate from him. This shadow then goes on a killing spree and Detectives Strong and Fisher have to stop it. Pick up the new ebook here, copy and paste;


The Shadow Entity.


Chapter 1.

The Living Shadow.


Something strange has happened to me and since then I have felt strange, as if I were missing an important part of myself. This all started a month ago as I was walking down the street in an isolated area. The sun was setting and people were walking here and there. I noticed as I was walking that the dwindling sun’s rays made shadows of myself on the wall to the left of me, beside me as well as in front of me and at my back. I was enveloped by shadows like a warm blanket except that in this case I felt no warmth. Never had I noticed so many shadows surrounding me and enveloping me in that fashion. I felt secure and yet I had an odd feeling, as if I were being watched. I continued my walk, still looking around me and noticing to my satisfaction that I was still being accompanied by my numerous friends. At one point I counted 5 extra copies of myself. And then something strange happened; one of the shadows stopped accompanying me. It simply stopped. I naturally stopped as well, looking at the shadow that was at the left of me. I felt a chill in the air and stepped back from the wall, examining this curious phenomena. Never had I heard of a man’s shadow stopping and not accompanying him. Never. This was most peculiar.

I could see that the shadow was looking at me. It was very flat and black and of the same height as myself. It was me except it had no features, only its immaculate blackness. As I watched it began to peel itself out of the wall and became an entity that was every bit as solid as myself. I was amazed. I looked around to alert someone to see this strange occurrence but no one was in the vicinity. I was desperately looking for a witness that could confirm that what I was seeing was true. It simply extracted itself from the wall and assumed a corporeal shape. I had goose-bumps just watching this. My instincts told me that this was not good and so I took a step backwards, stepping on the road instead of staying on the sidewalk. I still looked around to alert someone but to no avail, I was alone with my shadow. The shadow was of the same height as I, but it was featureless. It was simply black from head to toe. As it looked at me it extended its right arm towards me and with its index pointed at me. I decided to talk to it and see what would happen.

“Who are you?” I cried. “What do you want from me?” Silence from the shadow. It still had its arm extended towards me and was still pointing towards me.

“This isn’t possible, you can’t do this.” I said. The shadow said nothing. But then, it pointed at the sky and in an instant it vanished. It transformed itself into vapor and left a trail in the sky, blacker than the enveloping darkness. I noticed as well a curious smell very foul and dirty, like sulphur.

I looked around and noticed that my other shadows were still there, but the shadow that was at the left of me was not. I was missing a shadow. I decided to walk home quickly to reflect on this.Time and time again I looked at the wall as I was walking home but to no avail, I was one shadow less. I felt strange and felt a certain lightheartedness. I walked in my house and immediately slumped on my sofa and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I noticed that eight hours had elapsed and that instead of being 18:00 it was now 02:00 in the morning.


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