Chapter 46.

The Cusco affair.


Stevens knew that the key was Gwen and he knew that she had contacts in Cusco so the odds that she was there were strong. After a few phone calls, his sources told him that indeed she was in Cusco and this included his main source, Eliza. He decided that crunch time was now and he had to corner her there.

Stevens, Maria and Pierce took the car and travelled to a hotel called the Picoago hotel. Eliza had confirmed to him that Gwen had a room there that she occasionally used as her base of operations in the area. He decided to stake out the hotel in the hope of cornering her there. Soon enough she appeared in the car driven by Drake and Stewart. They were three against three, and both parties had guns and knives.

Gwen was about to get out of the car with her precious parcels when she spotted Maria and Pierce advancing towards them.

“Quick, get back in the car and let’s get out now!” she shouted excitedly to Drake. “Let’s go to the ruins!” He knew quite well what she meant; it was the ruins of Sacsayhuamari. Gwen violently tugged at his arm to make him go back in the car, speeding towards Cusco. Drake immediately pressed on the gas leaving a cloud of dust in their wake. Maria and Pierce looked at them speeding off when a car honked; it was Stevens driving Maria’s car. They jumped in and began the pursuit of Gwen, driving to the ruins of Sacsayhuamari.

“Who told them we would be in Cusco and at that hotel?” asked Drake.

“Oh shut up and drive!” exclaimed Gwen. She was asking herself the same questions, and the possible answers to these questions troubled her. It could mean that she had an informer inside the group. Perhaps it was Drake or Acton. She looked at Drake from the corner of her eye. No, he was decidedly too stupid for that and Acton was even worse. It had to be a woman. She knew now that she could trust no one.

“What will we do once we reach the ruins? I mean, we cannot really hide there, can’t we?

“No idiot, we won’t hide there. We’ll climb quickly up the hill to the ruins and wait for them at the top, and then we’ll kill them all!” Gwen felt joyous at the idea of killing Stevens and the two others. Finally she would be rid of them all. This was her gold and she would never part with it.






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