Chapter 45.

The greedy police officer.



Gwen had made a few phone calls to her sources inside the police and now she knew the police officer’s name, where he lived and his financial situation. She had given orders for the officer to be followed at all times. And yes, it was presumed that he did have the gold stashed inside his house.

He had a wife and children and he accepted kickbacks to supplement his meager income from his job as many officers did in this poor country. She could afford to wait and see what he would do instead of pouncing on him. She certainly had the people to do it. She could kidnap one of the children and ask a ransom, but the risk was that he would simply go to the police. She wanted to be discreet and so she decided it was best to go in the house when he was not there nor the family and then search the place. They knew that he went to church on Sunday’s very regularly so the search had to be on a Sunday morning.

Sunday arrived and as soon as the family left for church in went Gwen along with Drake, Stewart and three of the Nine. More hands and eyes meant a quicker an easier search. Unfortunately they did not find what they wanted, so Gwen ordered the other three to leave while she stayed with Drake and Stewart. She had no choice but to put a gun to the police officer’s head or to his children and force him to fork over the gold. The gold bags must have been hidden outside the home, but where?

Soon enough the family arrived with the police officer in the lead. Gwen was behind the door while Drake and Stewart were in the house ready to jump on them. The key went in and the door slowly opened. The officer went in never looking behind the door where Gwen was. The children then entered followed by the mother and at that point Gwen closed the door behind them, revealing herself and the gun that she held. The surprise on the faces of the family was complete.

“Alright listen up! Everyone on the floor, now.” screamed Gwen. After a moment of surprise all went to the floor. The children were screaming but rapidly Drake put a gag on their mouths and they were tied up with the mother. The police officer was brought into the kitchen and put on a chair. Gwen went straight to him.

“Now, where are the gold bags that you took from the car?” She was looking at him and while he looked at her intently at first, his eyes then drifted away.

“You see, as I see it we have two choices you and me; either you cooperate and no one gets hurt or your family will suffer the consequences of you actions.” The police officer had not uttered a word and defiantly again looked away from her.

“Fine. You, bring me the girl and bring me a knife.” said Gwen to Drake. The police officer looked at her, curious and afraid of what could happen. Drake went to the other room and brought in the young girl. She was about ten, with long brown hair and a shy face. She was made to sit opposite the father. Her arms were tied up behind her back but her gag was removed. Immediately she started to cry, exactly what Gwen hoped would happen. She then took the knife and put it around one of the ears, folding it gently around the knife without applying the skin to it. The girl began to sob uncontrollably.

“Now it’s up to you, tell me where the gold is hidden or I start to cut her up in little pieces, starting with the ears.” she said. “I can assure you that she will look a lot less beautiful when I am finished with her.”

“Stop, stop it. Don’t hurt her. I will show you where the gold bags are. I really never meant to keep it for myself you know.”

“Of course I know. They were meant for me,” Gwen smiled and glowed with anticipation. They released the officer and as they followed him in the house he went straight to the bathroom. Under the bathroom sink was a rather large hole were the gold bags were hidden. The officer put his arm in and out came the bags. Gwen quickly scooped them up and began opening them one by one. The gold was there and seemed intact.

“Well thank-you very much officer. Now let’s tie them up loosely and let’s leave.” She then took a hard look at the man and told him point-blank.

“If I were you I would not speak of this little incident to anyone. And make sure that the children do not say a word, understood? If not, I will be forced to come back here and teach you all a lesson.” She looked at the police officer and as he nodded strongly she assumed that he understood the consequences of him speaking up. In any case, he would have to explain his involvement with the gold bags and how he came into it. Gwen took the gold and along with the others left quickly, taking the direction of Cusco in their car.



Chapter 46


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