Chapter 43.

Gwen and the others in pursuit.



Gwen was livid when Pedro turned on them as Drake and Stewart did not have a chance to counter him. But she reacted promptly when she saw that he had gone down the hill. She began running after him along with her two accomplices. They commandeered a car, got the occupant out and embarked in it speeding off in hot pursuit of Pedro.

“Let’s go to the first police station we see and declare that we were robbed. I want them to stop Pedro before he leaves the country.” Gwen said.

“What about the car we just took, won’t the police be on the look-out for us too?” asked Drake.

“Don’t be silly, there is a lag time working in our favor. Before the police is notified of what we did we will have left the car.” Gwen did not say it but she knew that if it came to the worse she would simply say that she had been kidnapped by her two henchmen. She would put on a show for the police.

“Maybe Pedro won’t leave the country. Maybe he will just stay put in some city and wait it out.” Drake was trying to put the best possible spin on a bad situation.

“Pipe down Drake. You are worse than useless. You had a gun over there and still Pedro managed to get to the gold. You will pay for this.” Gwen was looking sideways at Drake, who noticeably hunkered down in his seat and pressed on the gas. As they were rolling along a police cruiser approached them on the opposite road. Drake slowed down and flagged the car as Gwen did the talking when the police parked their car near theirs.

“Officer please, we have been robbed of our belongings, including our car.” Gwen looked at the officer in an imploring way. Her Spanish was not excellent, but good enough to have a conversation.

“Tell me what the car looks like,” said the officer. After having given a good description of the car, the police officer turned towards his small computer and saw that a man with the same car had been killed not far from here on the road to Lima.

“Well you’re in luck lady, your car has been found. Follow me, it is on the road to Lima.”

Gwen looked at Drake and smiled with relief. But then a frown appeared on her face. What of the gold bags? What if the police had opened the trunk or worse, what if Pedro had let the gold on the front seats. It could have been taken by the officers who were notoriously corrupt. With the amount of gold in the bags any police officer could retire immediately.

The police cruiser led the way towards Pedro with Gwen and Drake following and thinking about the gold bags. Pedro’s car was on the far right in a ditch by the road. A white canvas sheet was covering the area where Pedro lay, still slumped over the wheel. The blood from Pedro’s head had leaked to the ground and congealed in a small puddle at his feet. Gwen stepped out to inspect visually the car. Her worse fears were confirmed; no sign of the gold bags. The officer approached her.

“So is this your car?” asked the officer as he turned towards her. Gwen looked at him and thought that perhaps if they had the gold they might be implicated in this.

“Well, it looks like my car but in fact I think that I was mistaken officer. Were there any belongings found in the car, because I had some bags inside.” Gwen eyed the officer suspiciously. She did not want to be too specific about the number of bags and their contents.

“No, we just found the guy in the car with no bags.” As the officer said that he looked at the surrounding countryside and avoided Gwen’s eyes while she was closely looking at him. He was obviously lying to her and she knew it.

“Well officer it is not my car, but thank-you very much for your help, officer…what is your name again?” asked very innocently Gwen. The officer had not revealed his name, but with a name and her contacts she could investigate him.

“Officer Perez. It was my pleasure helping you even if it was not your car, as you say.” The officer looked at her and smiled. He knew that the bags of gold probably belonged to her.

She walked back to the car and told Drake to step on it and to get out on the road. She had to think her next move, as now it seemed that this officer was implicated. Throught her contacts she knew that she could get some information on him. Once she knew where he resided she would keep a watch on his whereabouts.

The officer looked at them speeding off and wondered what was the connection between the woman with the dead man and the gold bags. But frankly he did not care; he had the gold and not her.



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