Chapter 42.

Pedro and the gold.

Pedro sped off quickly with the gold bags happy and feeling rich. He wanted to lose himself in the city, but not with his wife as she was not part of the equation. He would not return to his house in Barranca and had no intention of taking her with him. He would stop at Lima and quickly turn in some of the gold to people who would give him cold hard cash. He probably had a few million with him and that was enough to start a new life in another country or maybe go in the Caribbeans or a country with a culture similar to Peru.

He was thinking about all these things when up front the cars began to slow down. He wondered what was happening. Suddenly as he was advancing at a snail’s pace he saw far ahead a police car that was parked on the side of the road with the officer intercepting drivers and checking their papers. He slowed down but not too noticeably. A few cars were ahead of him. He could decide to go straight through or risk attracting attention and turn back. He elected finally to advance slowly towards the police car in the hope that they were not searching for him. Beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead and his hands were now so moist that he had to wipe them off his shirt. He slowed down to a crawl as the police had deployed a bed of nails on the road to prevent anyone from passing them illegally. They appeared to have a description of someone in their hands, looking closely at the driver’s faces. And then it was his turn. The officer took one look at him, looked down at the picture and then looked up at him again.

“Sir, put your hands on the wheels where we can see them and do not move.”

As soon as the officer said those words Pedro knew he was lost if he obeyed. He stepped on the gas passing by the officer who promptly took out his gun and began shooting at him. In his desire to escape Pedro had forgotten about the carpet of nails that had been put there for him and he punctured a tire as he sped away while the other officers fired at his car. Bullets sped by him until one shattered the back window and connected with his head, entered the skull and exited through his left eye and making a mess of his windshield. Immediately Pedro slumped on the wheel, twitched slightly and expired. The car continued its course until it swerved and stopped in a ditch by the side of the road. The police arrived with guns drawn but it was obvious to them that the driver was dead. They began searching the car and found the gold bags on the front seat and at the sight of them the officers looked at each other and smiled, it was Christmas in June.



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