Chapter 41.

Stevens in Lima.
Stevens knew that at some point if he wanted the job done he would have to dirty his hands but he had hoped that Jake Pierce would do it for him, but now it was clear to him that Pierce was not up to the task. He lacked character and the will to overcome such foes as Gwen and the others in that organization. He arrived at the Lima airport and quickly hailed a cab for the best hotel in the area, the Miraflores Parc Hotel. This hotel was the most expensive hotel in Lima, and with good reason as it boasted plush rooms that included marble and granite bathrooms, king-sized beds, large televisions and other amenities. He liked to travel in luxury. He was in his early 70’s but was in good shape for a man of his age. His secret was simple; no drinking, no smoking and plenty of exercise. He was big on walking, and he liked to walk whenever he could. A slim man, he looked 10 to 15 years younger than his real age. As soon as he settled in his room he began to make some calls. He first decided to take his messages and that is when he learned of the message left on his answering machine by Pierce.

“Hello, Pierce, this is Stevens. Got your message. What is happening now?”

“Good to hear from you Mr. Stevens. We are in trouble. The police are after us for a murder we didn’t commit and the map that shows where the gold is happens to be with Gwen, the woman that is the real murderer.”

“Alright, listen up. Don’t move from where you are. I’ll make a few calls to people I know and then I’m coming over to Cusco and we’ll talk. Maria there?”

“Yes she is, I’ll put her over.”

“Maria, how are you?”

“Fine thank-you. I’ll feel better when you can explain to the police that we have nothing to do with the murder of that girl.”

“Don’t you worry about that. Tell me what happened of the map and the gold. Didn’t you find it at Machu Pichu with the sticks?

“Well the sticks indicated another area and when we got there the map underneath the rock carving sent us to a place where only a few lumps of gold where found, not the big cache as expected. I think that it is obvious now that we were fooled. There was a substitution of the maps and the real map is held by Gwen.” There was silence at the other end. Stevens knew already that Gwen was the mastermind behind everything that was happening.

“Alright, as I said don’t worry about the police. Stay where you are I will be coming there right now after making a few calls, okay?”

“Yes. Fine. We’ll be waiting. Bye for now.”

“Good-bye.” Stevens hung up, sat down on the sofa and began thinking about what he heard. It was obvious that there must have been some sort of mutiny inside the ranks of the enemy. The head guardian had to step in to solve the mess, as he had to step in to win this game. It was a chess game and in chess towards the end of the game the best pieces and the strongest must come out to win it. Come out too early and you risk failure, but wait too long and you can also lose the game by being too patient. There was a right moment to act and Stevens hoped that his appearance in this game was at the right moment or everything was lost. He stopped thinking and opened his private address book containing important people with their phone numbers and looked up who he had. He soon found out who he was looking for and proceeded to make the call.

“Hello this is Mr. Stevens, lawyer from the United States. Yes, your chief knows me.” He waited for about ten seconds when a jolly and friendly voice came on.

“Mr. Stevens, hello. It’s been a long time since I heard from you. I trust that all is well.” The chief of police from Lima was a friend of his. Of course it helped that the son of the police officer was studying in New Bedford all expenses paid by Stevens.

“Everything is fine with me, but not with some friends of mine. Perhaps you can do something for them.”

“Well tell more, I want to help.” The chief had every incentive to help him as the wily lawyer was paying the chief three times his normal salary every month.

“I have two friends of mine who have been wrongly accused of murder and I would like you to put that to rest.” There was silence on the other end of the line.

“Murder! Are you sure? This is a serious charge Mr. Stevens as you know. My ability to intervene in a possible murder case is very limited.”

Stevens could sense a certain uneasiness on the part of the chief. “They really did not kill that woman, it was another woman who did the deed. They gave a description of that woman to the police in Machu Pichu but it seems that the police chief does not seem to want to listen to them.”

“I see. They gave their deposition and yet the police chief did nothing?”

“That is what they told me. The man was even beaten in the jail. His name is Jake Pierce and the woman with him is named Maria.”

“And you say that the police chief in Machu Pichu did nothing but threw them in jail? I will do my investigation and see to it. And if the man was beaten, it will go very wrong for the chief over there. Leave things to me Mr. Stevens.”

“Alright then, I will consider it settled. How is your wife?”

“Very well thank-you. She loves the necklace that you sent her a week ago. Many thanks for that.” Stevens knew that he might need help in Peru and he made sure to cultivate his relationships with his contacts in the country. That included payments to the men and little expensive gifts to the women. It sort of greased the wheels of governments and cleared obstacles out of the way.

“Can I assume that you will take care of the matter right away?”

“Yes Mr. Stevens, do not worry. If it is as you say, and if the suspect is really another woman your friends will not be troubled anymore. Can I contact you somewhere just in case?”

“While in Peru I will stay at the Miraflores Park hotel, but I will move around. Simply leave a message on my answering machine and I will take the messages and get back to you, okay?”

“No problem and thanks for the call, good-bye for now.”

“Good-bye.” Stevens hung up and was satisfied of his first call. It went as expected. He was just hoping that the chief’s influence would be sufficient to get Jake and Maria off the hook. He decided that now was the time to visit Cusco and meet again with Jake Pierce.




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