Chapter 38.

The puppet-master.



John P.Stevens was an impatient man that liked two things in life; money and power, and of course using them in his own advantage. He liked to control and influence people as if they were puppets. As a lawyer, he had to be good in influencing people and those who are good at that have an easier life, especially if it is done in a subtle way and is not too noticeable. At times sheer bullying will do the trick and at other times charisma will open the doors and he was one of those people who knew which buttons to push.

As the lawyer for the uncle of Jake Pierce he knew Pierce quite well as the uncle sometimes spoke about the nephew. Both the nephew and the uncle were cut of the same cloth; irresponsible losers. In the case of the uncle, a drunk most of the time and a gambler. The nephew was simply lazy to the bone, half expecting the world to owe him a living. Naturally when Stevens talked to Pierce about gold that his uncle had left to discover, well that was music to Pierce‘s ears. Easy money he must have thought. What he did not know was that Stevens was behind the whole operations, calling people here and there to do certain things. He had influence everywhere, and everywhere his influence could be felt. He inflamed people’s hearts when needed and cooled them down when it suited him.

He knew well the head guardian, Gwen. She was an old adversary of his. He did not know about the secret, but he knew that something was hidden in the area of the Sacred Valley. His main goal was finding the cache of gold hidden by Pierce‘s uncle. He was using Pierce and Maria as if they were pieces in chess game. His pieces had been set and had played their moves and now was the time for him to arrive on the scene and win, checkmate. Unfortunatley he knew things were not going as well as they should as Pierce and Maria had bungled the case. The gold was not in their possession. His other secret contact was Eliza, the mole inside the organization of Gwen. He thought that now was the time to go to Peru, contact Eliza and see for himself what was going on. To wait any longer could jeopardize everything with the real risk of losing the gold forever. And that he wouldn’t permit.


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