Chapter 37.

The cell.



Jake Pierce laid on the floor for some time before consciousness returned to him. The other prisoners had stayed in their corners oblivious to his condition. He was in a sad state with a bloody face and his nose was hurting, with the rest of his body in no better shape. He sat up slowly, got up and went to the door of the cell to see if the guards were there. He knew that Maria’s cell was not far from his.

“Maria, are you there?” he cautiously asked. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes I can. How are you? I called for you for several hours. I thought that they had killed you.”

“No they haven’t but these thugs seriously beat me up. Where are they now, can you see them from where you are?”

“No, not really. I can see only someone sitting at the far end so I think that there is only one guard at the end of the hallway.”

“Good now listen. You are going to scream hard for the guard so that he approaches my cell. I will be on the side so he won’t see me. When he comes near me I will take him by the neck while you fish out the keys. Let’s take a chance here to escape, okay?”

“But what about Steven’s? Isn’t it better just to wait so we can have a chance to get out of here legally?

“After the beating they gave me I’m not willing to wait and see if I will have the chance to speak with him. Better escape now and let Stevens deal with the escape later on, Okay?”

“I guess that you’re right. I’ll call the guards then. Guard, come quickly, please,” Maria said in an urgent way. The guard arrived in a sour mood.

“What is it now woman. Can’t you keep quiet while I watch television.”

“Please, I dropped a diamond earring on the floor, there to the left.” Of course, to the left of her cell was the cell of Pierce. He was ready. The guards attention was immediate as the idea of keeping a diamond all for himself was very attractive.

“Where on the left?” As he moved to the side he brushed up to the cell of Pierce. Pierce suddenly put his arm through the cell bars and around the guards neck so rapidly that this was done noiselessly, holding him tightly in a deadly embrace. As he was held by Pierce, Maria on the side of her cell rummaged through the guards pockets, found the keys and opened slowly her cell. By then the guard had noiselessly slumped unconscious on the floor. She found the key that opened the door to Pierce’s cell and let him out. The other prisoners began to holler and hoot, wanting to get out of prison themselves but Pierce and Maria ignored their pleas.

They walked down the hallway cautiously, half expecting to meet the other officer but as this was a small station it seemed that only one police officer was on duty and he was on the floor. They walked out of the station encountering no resistance and quickly left. They did not know how much time would elapse before the officers would be alerted of their escape but they knew that they had to find Gwen and the map.


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