Chapter 36.

The gold at Ollantaytambo.



Ollantaytambo is a town located at the northwestern end of the Sacred Valley and above the town ruins can be found that date back to the Inca chiefs who fought the Spanish. It was at the Sun Temple that the gold was located, precisely at the wall of the Six Monoliths. The whole Temple sector is made out of cut and fitted stones contrary to the other sectors that are made out of field-stones. It was an unfinished building built for religious purposes but it is clear that the area was still under construction when building on it was stopped. No one knows why, but war between chiefs, the conquest of Peru by Spain or the retreat of an Inca chief to another city are the likeliest candidates to explain the abandonment of construction. The gold had been put under the last massive door at some depth to escape discovery either from robbers or archaeologists.

The small group decided to go in the middle of the night but unfortunately for them it was a full moon and it’s light bathed the ruins. Pedro led the way with Drake and Acton tagging along with Gwen closing the march. Slowly they went up the hill using a series of stairways that climbed to the top of the terrace complex. Once there the complex was divided into three sectors, one of which was the Temple sector. To access the Temple one had to use another stairway and there the stairway ends on another terrace. They had with them a couple of shovels and a several bags as the gold would be divided among all of them. Gwen finally decided to show where the gold was.

“Here, the gold is under the sixth door, directly underneath. Now quickly, start digging.” She looked at the others as they began taking their shovels and began digging. Suddenly after a few minutes of digging a dull thud was heard when a shovel hit metal and it was Pedro who hit pay dirt.

“I think that I found it,” Pedro said.

“Alright, help him dig it out,” Gwen said. The other two men started digging in the area where Pedro was and soon enough the gold started to come out. It consisted of ceremonial masks made of gold, chains, medallion and some gold sticks, enough to fill the four bags easily.

Pedro looked at all that gold and was amazed. Only some of it was necessary to assure someone of an easy life. He still had his gun with him brought only as a precaution. He did not know the others and prudence dictated his decision in bringing the gun. But at the sight of all that gold he decided that 5% was not enough and that he preferred 100%. Once the bags were filled Pedro made his move quickly and pulled his gun from his vest. “Okay, no one moves and no one gets hurt. Put the bags down and get on your knees, all of you. Now!”

At those words Drake, Acton and Gwen obeyed. Gwen was unarmed but Drake and Acton were and Pedro naturally assumed so.

“Now all of you on the ground, spread your arms out and don’t move.” Pedro then went from one to the other taking the guns away. He took their own shoelaces and used that to tie up their hands. This would give him some time to escape with the gold. He also took the car keys as this was his only means of escape.

“You won’t get away with this, you know that don’t you!” said Gwen, incensed at being double-crossed.

“I already have.” responded Pedro with a smile.

He quickly went down the hill carrying the four bags with him, lumbering mightily as the weight of the bags slowed him down. As soon as he was out of sight Drake and Acton began the task of untying themselves. This was done quickly with Gwen being the last to be untied. They ran as quickly as they could down the hill to where the car was but as they arrived they could see Pedro in the car speeding away in a cloud of dust.

“You fools! You had guns why didn’t you shoot him when you had the chance?” said Gwen.

“He was too quick and I was surprised.” said Drake.



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