Chapter 35.

Gwen and Pedro.



Eliza had told Pedro to meet this woman at the Liberator hotel in Cusco where he was. She had told him to be careful with Gwen, to obey her orders and not to ask too many stupid questions. She never told him that he was about to meet the head of the organization of which he was only a pawn. He arrived promptly at 09:00 am and went straight to the lobby, asking the clerk for room 292. He told her to ring the room so that the head guardian would know of his coming. He took the elevator and arrived there promptly.

“Pedro? Come in.” A petite woman answered him, with long dark hair and looking very sensual. She looked quite fit to him, and of course, she was. Fit and dangerous. “Please take a seat.” He then noticed that he was not alone. Two other men were there and both looked similar; tall and strong and dressed in a suit and tie. He on the other hand looked quite shabby as compared to them. He was a peasant and he knew from their stares that they were looking down on him.

“Gentlemen let me introduce you to Pedro who knows his way in the area. He will be your guide and your helper. Pedro, this is Drake and this is Acton. Your three have a mission to accomplish for me. Do it well, and you will be finely rewarded. Fail me and you will surely be on the receiving end of my wrath. Here is the mission. “ At these words Gwen produced the map that showed exactly where the gold was situated. Except that the map was not the original map, it was a copy that she had crudely done. Only the important features were present and the sacred stream was not located.

“As you see, the gold is located in that area mainly between this area and this other area. Pedro, do you know where it is?” Gwen was testing him, wanting to know if he really knew his way around. Pedro looked at the crudely drawn map with his hand cupping his chin.

“Why yes, I think I know where it is. It is close to the town called Ollantaytambo which is in the sacred valley. The cache of gold must be situated under or around the old fortress. The map is a bit unclear.”

Gwen was pleased with what Pedro had told her. Yes, it was true that it was in Ollantaytambo and also true that the cache of gold was hidden near the old fortress. Only she knew exactly where but she was in no hurry to tell all of them where exactly to look.

“ Pedro you’re right. Now let us make sure that everyone understands what is involved . There must be absolute secrecy for this to work. Mr. Drake will be in charge of the operation, with Mr. Acton acting as second. Pedro, you will do what is required by them, understood?”

“Yes Miss. But I would like to know about the reward. You know that there are guards roaming the area and tourists abound there. There is plenty of chances for things to go wrong.”

“I know, and this is why the whole operation shall be done more securely at night, when there are no tourists and fewer guards. As for the reward, you will get some gold, perhaps shall we say 5%? Will that be enough for you?” Gwen looked at Pedro and smiled in an easy way. Pedro was tongue-tied at that number but finally was able to speak. But of course 5% of how much was never discussed by Gwen.

“Yes, of course it is enough, and I will do as you command.”

Drake and Acton would also be rewarded, and that they knew quite well having been briefed by Gwen before the arrival of Pedro. Gwen intended to go with them but she would arrive at the final moment and then show them exactly where to dig. The secret cache of gold had to be hidden until the last moment, for security’s sake.



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