Chapter 33.

The Map.

Gwen returned quickly to her hotel with the map. There, a phone call to the police telling them a murder had occurred was an easy way of creating mischief for Maria and Pierce. She now had the original map drawn by the uncle of Pierce and began studying it. It was very clear where it indicated the gold deposits. The problem was that the gold was situated very near the sacred stream flowing underneath it and caves were situated in the area that gave a secret access to the stream. The gold had been deposited a long time ago by previous guardians and it had been collected and deposited away from the stream. But now as Gwen looked at the map, it was clear that someone had collected the gold and had deposited in a secret cache exactly on top of where the stream was located. People could eventually find the stream or discover the entrance to one of the caves and discover the stream. Something had to be done.

The gold was located near the shores of the mighty river that flows through the sacred valley called the Rio Urubamba. The sacred stream protected by the guardians was directly underneath the mighty river and in fact followed the same course, a perfect mirror of the river. Gwen knew what had to be done; dig up all the gold that was collected there and disperse it away from the Rio Urubamba, in a different direction. To know is one thing but to do is quite another. How to collect the gold in a way that did not attract attention, and then deposit it away from the sensitive areas? She knew that she would need the help of some of the natives, perhaps also her two henchmen, Drake and Acton. Maybe a make-believe archaeological dig would do the trick. She could get the necessary permits easily through her contacts. One thing was sure, giving the map as it was to Pierce and Maria would have invited problems as they might have expanded the dig and would have found the caves and the stream.

She decided to contact John Drake and Stewart Acton to get them to dig up the gold. She first had to contact Susan Drake, who would then give the instructions to her husband. And perhaps Eliza would contact her husband, Pedro. More hands meant that the dig could be done quicker.

She first called up Susan Drake. “Susan, this is Gwen. I want you to contact your good for nothing husband right away and tell him to meet me at the hotel Liberator where I am now in Cusco. I don’t know where your husband is now. The last time I saw him he was on the ground with a bloody face. I’m sure you know what happened by now.” Susan knew quite well what had happened. John Drake had reported to her the small incident of the jail and his drunkenness and afterwards his encounter with the head guardian. “Yes of course, I know where he is. He is still in Cusco. I will tell him to meet you at the hotel. Anything else?”

“Yes. Tell him to bring along Acton as well.”

“Alright. It shall be done.”

The exchange had been rather cold but courteous. After all, Susan still wanted to move up the organization and join the Nine eventually. Giving the cold shoulder to the head guardian would simply not do.

Gwen then decided to call up Eliza. Her husband was with the expedition of Pierce but Gwen thought it best for Pedro to join Drake and Acton and lead them to the gold so they could retrieve it. She called up Eliza, explained the situation and arranged for Eliza to tell her husband to join Gwen at the hotel for further instructions. Luckily Pedro had not contacted Pierce or Maria yet. Now all was in order for Gwen.


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