Chapter 28.

Maria and Pierce in Cusco.

Back in Cusco Maria and Pierce were despondent. They were sipping coffee at a terrace and looking at the pleasant surroundings, thinking but not knowing what to do next.

“What do you think happened to our guys?” asked Pierce.

“Well, several things could have happened. It is possible that they got lost, but somehow I doubt it. Pedro is a good guide and knows the area. The other possibility was that we were double-crossed. They knew something that we did not know or they decided to strike it out on their own in the hope of finding more than us.” Maria thought about that and reflected that Pedro was probably responsible for this. “ I still do not understand why your uncle led us on such a long chase for next to nothing.”

“I know, I don’t understand this myself. I expected much more from the hidden cache.”

“I think that we should go back to where it all started, at Machu Pichu. We might have taken a wrong turn there. Maybe there is more than meets the eye.”

“Are your serious?” asked Pierce. “I thought that there was nothing else to do there.”

“You see, the problem is that it was Pedro who found the second map. What if in fact he tricked us. What if in effect there is another map that shows where all the gold is. That’s what I think. I think that we were duped. Let’s remember that when the rays that went forth from the two sticks crossed to intersect at a certain point, none of us where close to it. Maybe it was Pedro who changed it or maybe it was not him but someone else. I told you that there are people that are active in protecting something. Maybe we were closely watch from afar and when they spotted the two rays intersecting to a certain point someone was ready and substituted another map and in that new location put only a small amount of gold to satisfy us and prevent us for looking for the real pot of gold. What do you think?”

Pierce thought about Maria’s ideas. That made sense to him and yes, it could have happened like that. It was worth the shot of going back to Machu Pichu and trying to find out what when on. An added benefit was that now they were only two to split any treasure that they might find. Going back to Machu Pichu was a logical thing to do, to retrace their steps.

“You know, I think that you’re explanation could be correct, we’ve been had! We have to go back to sort it all out.” Piece said firmly. He was not about to abandon all hope of finding the treasure of his uncle and furthermore, he was still receiving regular payments form Stevens. If he abandoned the chase the payments would assuredly stop. The longer this went on the better for him financially.


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