Chapter 27.

The demise of Pedro and Jorge.

Those men that had kidnapped Pedro and Jorge were not innocent bystanders. They had been actively following the expedition with spies reporting to them along the way and they knew what was going on, reporting everything to the head guardian. They were 20 men and all well armed. Pedro and Jorge were in the middle of them, walking in a straight line but swaying here and there around the oxbow lake like a gigantic centipede. But this centipede was intelligent and knew where it was going, deep into the jungle and far from prying eyes. It was Jorge who spoke first, afraid of the turn of events.

“Please, I did nothing wrong, just following orders. I’m like you, really!” For all his pains he got the sharp nudge of the muzzle of a gun behind his back. “We did nothing wrong, just exploring the jungle for stuff, really.”

Suddenly the man ahead of him turned around and took out an enormous knife, seized Jorge by the hair and putting the knife under his chin.

“One more word out of you and I bleed you like the pig that you are, understood?” Jorge looked at him wide-eyed and meekly nodded. The other released him and the long walk continued. After about two hours of walking the group stopped to make camp. They were waiting for someone to arrive and sure enough from the other side of the reserve came some of the guards that were at the entry points.

“So, what do we have here?” asked the guard, looking at the two men.

“These two entered illegally in the reserve under cover of darkness but we found them out soon enough.” said one of the armed men.

“Very well, I will radio for some troops and I will take them away. You guys are lucky, other people who have wandered in the jungle without guides often suffered a worse fate. Sometimes we only find their skeletons.”

Pedro and Jorge waited under a blazing sun and sat by a tree. The troops promised soon arrived, a small group of 25 soldiers. They took in custody the two men and led them to the entrance of the reserve. As they had trespassed in a sensitive zone they were fined but since they did not have enough money on them they were held in a makeshift prison awaiting trial, and this trial would be months away. Pedro knew that they could be locked up for a long time as the wheels of justice turn slowly, very slowly in a poor country like Peru. Pedro’s only chance was a phone call to someone of importance and he knew who to call, his wife Eliza. He knew that she would be unhappy at the turn of events, but he had no choice if he wanted to get out of this jail.


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