Chapter 24.

Gwen’s anger.

Gwen was sitting in her hotel room bewildered by the turn of events. She had been surprised by the agility and quickness of Sara and never expected that she would bolt out of the room without being punished. What had happened was unprecedented; a sister of the Nine who refuses her just punishment, and then compounds her error by striking the head guardian and fleeing the premises. Action had to be taken and death had to be the result of Sara’s flight into rebellion.

Gwen quickly sprung into action, making calls to all of the remainder 8 of her group advising them that Sara was now considered a rebel and a danger to the group. Extreme measures should now be taken that included taking a life. After all, she could decide to talk about the secret or even sell the location of the sacred stream to the highest bidder.

She decided to take a walk around the premises of the hotel and looked in the alleys around, looking for a possible sighting of Sara. She walked along the avenue El Sol and then walked along the Tullomayo road. Then she began thinking that perhaps Sara might take the train out of the city. The fear of losing permanently Sara overwhelmed her and she quickly walked to the San Pedro station, hoping against all odds that Sara would be there but she was not. She wondered where she was hiding.


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