Chapter 19.

Pedro and the others.

When Pedro had looked at the map he immediately knew what it showed: the protected area in the Amazonian basin called Manu. Getting there was a difficult and expensive task and Mr. Pierce would be less than happy about the costs and the time delay in getting there, but they had no choice if they wanted the gold. He spoke up.

“Well my friends, our adventures are not over and our travel plans will have to expand.”

“What do you mean,” said Maria. “do you recognize the area in the map or not?”

“Of course I do,” replied Pedro. “it’s the Manu national park, a protected area. Digging there will be tricky as it is full of tourists enjoying the park. As for the travelling it is far and complicated to get there.”

“This is the Amazon right?” asked Pierce.

“Yes it is, and it is full of dangers,” replied Maria. “and we have to go back to Cusco to take a plane or go by car. It simply is more dangerous and will take more time.”

Everybody was looking at Pierce as it was his money that was being spent. They all knew that one word from him and this expedition was over. All waited for him to speak. “Well I guess we don’t have much of a choice. We have to go there and see what the map indicates. My attorney told me that it would not be easy. I always wanted to see the Amazonian basin anyways. Let’s go for it.” Pierce was grinning from ear to ear like a schoolboy.

Everyone was all smiles, especially Pedro. He knew about the area much more than he intended to say, and he knew that eventually that would work to his advantage. He didn’t have the time at the condor markings to dig quickly enough but now he was in control. He would have the time to find the gold.


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