Chapter 10.

The surveillance is established.

Gwen Hmong was busy at work when she received the call from Susan Drake reporting her results from the surveillance. “Well, tell me what is going on, quickly.” said Gwen.

“According to my husband and Stewart, Pierce has arrived in Peru and has contacted Maria Hernandez. I contacted Eliza and it seems that her husband Pedro has been accepted into the expedition.”

“Splendid work Susan. Give my thanks to your husband and to Eliza for a job well done. Now that we have a spy in the expedition we will know exactly what they are up to and if we have to take them seriously.”

“They are ready to depart later this week according to what I was told.” said Susan.

“Make sure to tell your husband to follow them closely but without being seen, understood?”

“Yes, of course. Should my brother Stewart follow him too?”

“He must.” said Gwen. “I need two people to follow them and with Pedro in the expedition that makes three people ready to thwart them in a permanent way should it be necessary.”

“Alright,” said Susan. “it will be done as you order it.”

“Splendid, good-bye for now.” Gwen was happy but still concerned about the expedition. It was the first time in many years that people would be digging in the area of the ruins. They might stumble accidentally on the underground river by accident and the massive cave system that was under the ruins. She thought that perhaps she should go there and supervise everything. She thought that if she was there in person she could better coordinate the various people working on the ground. She had done that before and would be able to do it again. When the head guardian is seen be everyone it seems to bring the best in the people, and of course, it puts them on high alert.


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