Chapter 7.

Eliza Perez.

Gwen had received the call from Susan Drake that Pierce was on the move. Immediately she ordered that the apartment of Pierce be thoroughly searched again as he would not be there to thwart it nor discover it. This was done again by the two henchmen of Drake, her husband John and her brother Stewart. To no avail. Nothing of interest had been found and especially the two artefacts that seemed so important. She pondered her next decision. No choice for her now, she had to put the other guardians in Peru on high alert, and especially those around the area of the ancient sacred cities. She called up one of the guardians in the city of Lima, Eliza Perez.

Eliza was 45 years old and mature enough to understand the seriousness of the threat that Gwen was telling her. She had the experience of managing such threats. She was a short stocky woman that looked more like a shot putter than a ballerina. Her distinctive feature was an enormous bun of hair at the back of the head that made her look formidably massive. She feared no one except the head guardian and she had no compunction in exerting deadly force against any threat. That is why Gwen liked her and relied on her. But there was something else about her that Gwen did not know; Eliza was playing a double game as she was an informer for Stevens. A well paid informer.

“Hello, Eliza, this is Gwen. We have a problem. Someone is going to do some digging near the sacred cities and I need you to keep an eye on them and if necessary, to eliminate them.”

“I understand,” said Eliza “but tell more about the threat, is it the one that was a potential one?”

“Yes, it is that one, the one with Jake Pierce and his attorney Stevens. It seems that Stevens gave two artefacts to Pierce and these could be used to locate the stream indirectly.”

Eliza pondered at what she would next say. After all, she was speaking to the head guardian, her superior and she did not want to risk displeasure or worse. “Perhaps we should have eliminated the threat a long time ago, nipping it in the bud.”

“Are you putting my judgement in question?” asked Gwen. She was livid at the suggestion that she had waited too long to act. An inferior questioning her decision was unacceptable.

“No, no, of course not. I just thought that massive action at the beginning could have eliminated the threat, don’t you think?”

“Perhaps,” replied Gwen, “but it would have attracted unwanted attention and that I did not want. We want above all secrecy about our existence and not notoriety, understood?”

Eliza knew that Gwen was right. The last thing that was wanted was attention to the organization and the secret that it protected. She was walking a fine line. Appear concerned for the threat but also not saying too much to Stevens about what was really important in the Sacred Valley, the stream. She had to protect her interests as well.

“Ok, fine, so what are my instructions?”

“Simply follow them, and see if they get close to the sacred cities and the stream. Should they get the directions to the stream, eliminate them. Try to get one of ours in their expedition as a guide or as a porter. It would be easier to keep an eye on them.”

“Alright, it will be done as you wish,” said Eliza. Eliza knew everything ahead of time as Stevens sometimes phoned her to give her details of his moves. She knew that Stevens was coming to Peru and that Jake Pierce was to be involved.


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