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Hello to all. I am presenting my first novel, in ebook format. Anyone can download it in epub or mobi for those who have the kindle. I will also put up one chapter per week.The Sacred Stream



The men were tired, it was the middle of the night and it was raining hard. The four men were carrying with them shovels, picks and guns and they were being led by a man who knew the area very well, Stephen Pierce. He had been with the expedition led by Hiram Bingham the famed explorer back in the early 1900‘s but now he was on his own and trying to enrich himself. By following clues on a map that he had discovered he had found some gold and now his appetite for more had been whetted.

“Quick, bring the light here,” Pierce said. “And be careful where you dig, only where I tell you to.”

“But Senor, there is nothing here, only grasses and some rocks, “said one of the men.

“Do as you are told. Dig here.” Pierce indicated by pointing a stick in the ground. The three other men began digging. The whole area was covered in mud. It was still raining hard, so hard that it looked like solid sheets of rain descending from the heavens. The gods were angry. Then a dull sound as the shovels hit pay dirt.

“Senor, there is something!” cried out one of the men. They looked at each other and then at Pierce

“Let me see this.” Pierce got on his knees with the lantern and began digging slowly with a small shovel. His hand then went into the mud and out of it he retrieved a shiny object, a gold chain.

The three other men all smiled at each other and grinned foolishly, slapping each other on the back with visions of being rich swirling in their thoughts. They turned towards Pierce to congratulate him only to face the muzzle of a gun. Lightning and thunder illuminated the skies and muffled the sound as three shots were heard in rapid succession, felling the three bodies as surely as a wood-chopper would chop down trees. The bodies fell and crumpled on the muddy ground. Pierce looked at them and saw that one of the bodies was still twitching and was trying to get up. He quickly kneeled down beside it and pumped several rounds in the head.

Rapidly he dug a large hole away from the cache of gold and began to drag the still warm bodies into it when suddenly he thought he had seen people surrounding him. He took out his gun and looked around, looking and listening for any suspicious sounds. But the storm was still raging and he heard nothing that sounded out of the ordinary. He went back to dragging the bodies into the hole but stopped again. Each time that the area was struck by lightening and illuminated the area it seemed that people were creeping closer to him until one of those men finally struck him from behind on the head with the shovel that he had brought. He fell hard on the muddy ground and passed out, still clutching his gun in his hand. The last thing he remembered was seeing the feet of people surrounding him.

When he awoke he was in jail surrounded by three other prisoners. As he was slowly returning to consciousness a guard arrived with another familiar person

“Again in trouble Pierce?” his good friend Stevens said. “Aren’t you sick and tired of running after trouble?

“It’s not that I am running after trouble, its trouble that seems to be running after me.” he said, smiling. “Get me out of here and I’ll tell you a tale worthy of my troubles. You’ll see that it was worth it.” Pierce had a smirk on his face. Stevens on the other hand had an exasperated look.

Stevens paid a small bribe to the guard and out went Pierce. They said nothing as they quickly exited the station, taking a cab straight to the airport. Along the way, Pierce recounted the tale…


Here is the ebook in epub:

Here is the link for  mobi:


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